September 23, 2011

Improve Communication Productivity

The most misunderstood concept is how to use technology to improve communication productivity and reduce operating costs to meet the demands of today’s business.

All organizations have the separate communication components: E-mail, fax, Internet service, and copying machines. Improved productivity is realized from the seamless integration of these components.

A simple example would be the capability to scan a physical document and either E-mail, fax, remotely print and store, or convert to an word processing document (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) directly from ones workstation using a modicum of mouse clicks.

While most document management systems can perform these tasks, the costs of these systems are sometimes prohibitive for organizations.

However, with the correct system design, the integration of these components is relatively easy, highly reliable, and scaleable. Even if an organization already has implemented these components, most of them are not integrated together.

To achieve integration many of the applications have connector pieces that allow seamless connectivity; such as E-mailing of faxes to reduce costs. Most cases just a few software and setup changes are all that is required to complete the integration.

With the increased pressure on controlling costs, and improving productivity, these changes are very cost effective and produce excellent productivity results.

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