September 23, 2011

 Too Much is Not Enough

Backing up your system should be an automated task not requiring human intervention. However, a single backup system is not good enough, especially for disaster recovery.

A backup system is best segmented into three separate systems: Physical (tape), Real-Time or Near-Real-Time (disk), and Remote (via Internet).

Physical backups are performed with tapes installed in an automatic changer. The changer has removal cartridges for off-site storage. With a changer there is no daily changing of tapes. The system will run totally automated.

Real-Time or Near-Real-Time backups transfer data periodically throughout the day to a filer (storage disk). This means data deleted during the day can be restored almost instantly. The process is performed over a high- speed network to the filer’s disk to facilitate fast backup and restoration.

Remote storage provides backup over the Internet via a secured connection. The system backs up changed data and keeps the data synchronized from the local office to the remote location. In the event of a disaster, data can be retrieved instantly, and the remote system can be physically brought to almost any location for immediate usage.

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